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Is Pain Holding You Back From Gardening?

20 Mar 2023 0 Comments
Is Pain Holding You Back From Gardening?
Did You Know?

Lower back pain is a common complaint of gardening.

If you are a regular gardener, this may not surprise you! Lower back pain can ruin your day and turn simple tasks into difficult challenges.

While stretching and good posture can help prevent pain, using the KaLaya 6x Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream is proven to provide fast-acting relief of pain and long-lasting relief from inflammation.


Inflammation Leads To Pain

This is crucial for those suffering from “gardener’s knee” otherwise known as prepatellar bursitis, a common condition caused by inflammation in the knee due to excessive kneeling. This ailment is not exclusive to gardens as it is found among plumbers, housekeepers, athletes, and the like!

See What Customers Have to Say about the KaLaya 6x Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream and Massager:

"I first tried this cream for lower back pain. It worked so well; I shared it with my husband. We both feel such relief from our back pain."
– Sherri B., 12/28/2021.


"I find KaLaya 6x works better for my knee arthritis than the prescription topicals."
– Helen O., 02/16/2023

"I have been dealing with lower back pain for almost 3 years now and I tried anything and everything… I live with pain daily and this cream is the only product that helped me… I feel a sense of relief and comfort instantly."
– Eleni V., 04/15/2021

"The best product out there. I have an ankle and knee replacement and I use it every day to keep the swelling [down]."
– Susan Z., 12/16/2022

"Provided great pain relief for lower back and knees."
– Christine L., 01/29/2023


KaLaya to the Rescue

Get anti-inflammation & pain-blocking relief!

The KaLaya 6x Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream now comes in a Massage Applicator to deliver deep tissue relief, releasing muscle tension and improving circulation of the muscle tissue.

Combining the KaLaya 6x formula with the Massager Applicator delivers even better long-lasting relief of inflammation and fast-acting pain relief to relieve knee pain, shoulder pain, back pain, joint pain and more!


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